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I am Patrick Markham of Lincoln, UK
My email address is

This page is a directory of many of the websites that I am responsible for on the world wide web.  This page was created in January 2008 and is still being revised.
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This is my PC Repair business website.  A personal and friendly computer repair call out service operating throughout Lincolnshire.  Related domain name:, Web Hosting and Design
This is my Website Hosting and Design business.  Some of the websites we host include:  
Related domain names:
 My Online Shops

Bioflow Discount Magnotherapy.  Magnets for health. For people, for animals and for the home.
I am an Independent Distributor for Ecoflow health and environmental products.  Specialising in Bioflow magnotherapy for people, for animals and for the home. - The eBook Download
I sell Downloadable e-books.  Now there's an easy low-maintenance business!
 Personal Web Projects
The Broadbent Theatre home page was one of the first web pages I ever published on the internet.  It was begun in May 1999.  The site soon grew to include a detailed profile of actor, Jim Broadbent.  Related domain names: and
I have amalgamated several family tree projects from around the family and published all the relationships here.  I have made this a private members only site.  If you would like to take a look, all you need to do is email me and ask for a username and password.
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I regularly update my Facebook page and stay in touch with my 200+ Facebook friends. Click on the banner above to view my profile.
I also have a profile on MySpace but I must admit that I dont tend to do much with it.
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